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September 2000


Sept 2-3 Lee’s Summit Community Church (LSCC) - preaching at all 3 services

Sept 10 Kansas City Royals/Texas Rangers Chapel

Sept 11 Darrell Porter Golf Tournament at Lakewood Country Club

Sept 15-17 Missouri Churchmen Retreat at Camp Sharon (4 talks)

Sept 21 Lee’s Summit Community Christian School Chapel (junior high students)

Sept 22 Stonecroft Women’s Event in Lee’s Summit, MO

Sept 23 Life Christian Center Men’s Breakfast in Lee’s Summit, MO

Sept 28 Westridge Christian Church in Raytown, MO (Several small groups using CC Study Guide)

Sept 30 LSCC Men’s Event (emcee responsibilities).


October 2000


Oct 3 FCA-Lee’s Summit North High School

Oct 5 Ottawa University Football Team Chapel

Oct 8 LSCC Marriage Builders - "I Love You"

Oct 10-14 National Coalition of Men's Ministry Meetings in Atlanta, GA (2 Seminars)

Oct 15 LSCC Marriage Builders - "I Am Sorry"

Oct. 20-21 Forest Park Baptist Church Singles Conference in Joplin, MO (3 talks)

Oct. 22 St. Louis Rams Chapel

Oct 22 LSCC Marriage Builders "I Was Wrong"

Oct. 24-25 Ministry Meetings in Colorado Springs, CO

Oct. 27-28 Rescue Mission meetings in Buffalo, NY (2 talks)

Oct 29 LSCC Marriage Builders "Please Forgive Me"

Oct  30 FCA-Lee's Summit High School 


November 2000


Nov. 2 James Lewis PTA Meetings in Blue Springs, MO

Nov. 2-4 Coordinating National Prayer & Fasting event at LSCC

Nov. 17-19 Evangelical Covenant Men’s Church Retreat (3 talks) at Covenant Pines Bible Camp; McGregor, MN


December 2000


Dec 2 Panel Discussion at Lee's Summit Community Church - Relating to your children

Dec 3 LSCC Marriage Builders "Love Languages"

Dec 4 Conference Call with NBA Chaplains/Pro Basketball Fellowship

Dec 12 Centurions Meeting-Hyatt Regency Hotel (KC, MO)

Dec 15 Kansas City Rescue Mission

Dec 16 Denver Broncos Chapel

Dec 20 CTC Board Meeting

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