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2 Peter 1:10

1. Have you spent regular time in prayer? When?
2. Have your thoughts been pure? Have you resisted lustful, envious thoughts

     or exposed yourself to explicit materials?

3. How do you feel about how you've handled personal, family and/or business finances?

4. What three relationships have you nurtured most?

5. What has made it difficult to do your 100% best in the different roles in your life?

6. Have your words built up or tore down others or self?

     Have you exposed yourself or contributed to gossip?

     Have you been committed to your words?

     Have you put yourself in a better light to those around you?

7. Do you feel you missed any opportunities to talk to people about the Lord?

8. Have you taken care of your body through daily physical exercise

     and proper eating/sleeping habits?

9. Which fruit of the Spirit have you had the hardest time living? Why?

10. Have you left anything hidden in answering these questions?



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