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Doug Carnahan

E-mail address : douggg@aol.com
Doug is employed with Fujitsu Technology Solutions Inc. as a Senior Systems Field Engineer installing and maintaing mainframe and server computer systems. He has worked in this field since 1975. He has served as an Ambassador with Promise Keepers and served on the local task force which initially brought PK to Kansas City. He has lived in Lee's Summit since 1982 with his bride Marlene and their daughter, Katie. Doug and Marlene have been married for 12 years and 10 years. Doug's testimony is that of marrying Marlene, his high-school sweetheart, finding pornography, committing adultery, losing Marlene and daughter Katie to divorce, living a less than honorable life, coming to the end of his rope, finding God, rebuilding his life God's way and then having his family reunited in marriage 10 years ago. Doug enjoys sharing his testimony with any or all, especially men's groups, to the dangers of pornography, adultery and its resulting devastation, and God's restoration of his life and family. Doug co-leads the TGIW Blue Springs group which started in October 2003.
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