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Tim Doyle

E-mail address : tim@jrgroup.org
Tim Doyle spent 20 years in broadcasting and full time Christian ministry prior to launching Joseph Resource Group in 2000. After working as producer for the daily national radio program Focus on the Family with Dr. James Dobson, Tim turned his attention to serving and connecting pastors and churches. He now travels fulltime as a presenter for such national ministries as Great Dads, A Chosen Generation, Building Brothers and Character That Counts. In connection with the National Coalition of Men's Ministries, Tim assists men's ministry leadership teams in raising up effective ministry to men in the local church. He also networks and coordinates pastors' gatherings in the region in partnership with the Midwest Ministers Fellowship. Tim and his wife Krista have been married 16 years. They live in St. Joseph, MO with their three children--Zach 14, Will - 9 and Ruby - almost 2. Tim is the leader of our TGIW group in St. Joseph which began in October 2003.
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