Allowing difficult times to demonstrate my commitment to others or to what is right.
Read Ruth 1:1-18
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    The book of Ruth tells about a family relationship that endured through hardships. The love and loyalty that led Ruth to stay with her mother-in-law (Naomi) when her husband died can be a model for our relationships. Though Ruth and Naomi were from different lands and families, Ruth insisted on staying with Naomi even though Naomi urged her to return to her people and find another husband. Ruth's loyalty to Naomi resulted in a joyous wedding with Boaz, but loyalty to friends and family is valuable even without a happy ending.

    Sadly, the virtues of faithfulness and loyalty are not easily found in the world today. When things are inconvenient or difficult circumstances arise, many people bail. Unfaithfulness seems to be the norm far too common. In considering faithfulness, Psalm 119:90 reminds us that God's faithfulness continues through all generations. Certainly God's faithfulness is something we can count on. No matter what we are facing, He is there!!

     I was blessed when I worked at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) to work alongside several people who were extremely loyal. One person, Fred Olson, was one I trusted greatly. Fred proved time and time again that he was someone who would be loyal to my leadership. When I had to be away from the office for any duration of time, I had complete confidence in Fred, primarily because of his loyalty. When I left the FCA ministry, Fred was rewarded with my position.

     Loyalty and personal faith go together. Our faith is to be lived out every day of the week and in every action we take, every word we speak, and every relationship we make. It's meant to be an overflow of everything we say and do. The measure of a person is not what happens on Sunday at church, but rather who he is Monday through Saturday.

     Daniel Taylor reminds us of the value of faithfulness in our actions, not just words when he said, "Character is not something you have; it is something you are that inevitably shows itself in what you do. It is determined by the stories of which you are part. As the concept of character makes a highly visible comeback in our public conversation, we must rescue it from glib politicians, do-gooders and busy-body moralizers." God is challenging us to pursue faithfulness regardless of the personal cost, the effort required, or the lack of resulting public acclaim.

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