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A Chosen Generation is a Christ-centered, servant ministry dedicated to assisting families, churches, and schools in understanding and performing their God-given responsibilities to define, affirm, recognize, and confirm Godly manhood and womanhood for God's next generation of leaders.

The National Coalition of Men's Ministries (NCMM) is a network of parachurch / servant ministries and denominational men's ministries representing over half of the churches in America.

The mission of Unchained! is to be a vehicle of biblical truth that helps God’s people overcome life-dominating habits and to provide stories and articles about issues relevant to living a pure life free from habitual sin.

People Matter Ministries--
“To help people discover, develop, and deploy their fingerprint of potential” Hebrews 10:23-25; II Timothy 1:6
“There are no ordinary people ” C.S. Lewis

Sports Spectrum Radio is a unique one-hour program aimed at reaching people of all ages through sports. It jumps cultural and religious barriers as it teaches biblical truth—like its teammate, Sports Spectrum Magazine.

Integrity Resource Center is a site designed to emphasize the importance of integrity in business.

Teaching Guys Infinitie Wisdom--
Join a growing community of men around the country that are seeking for God's wisdom in their lives on a consistent basis.

Called to Serve, Building a House of Prayer--
Our mission is to partner with the local church, for the enhancing, equipping, empowering, and encouraging of pastors, leaders and individual members in their personal and corporate prayer life; resulting in His people and churches fulfilling the mandates of Jesus Christ….to be people of prayer and a house of prayer, bearing much fruit and glorifying God throughout the world.

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