Rod Handley is the president and founder of Character That Counts.  For more information about Rod, visit the biography page. The CTC Board of Directors and Board of Advisors is noted below.


  • To communicate the unique and critical message of character (doing right), integrity (being whole through Christ) and accountability (honestly reporting to one another) into our daily lives.

Primary Audience
  • Men:  Equipping men to fulfill their calling in their homes, marriages and professions.
  • Students:  Seminars and materials to instruct teens/young adults (churches/ministries; public, private and home schools).
  • Athletes: Addressing the unique challenges that athletes face (professional, college, high school and junior high).

What We Offer
  • Speaking:  Rod is prepared to speak to your group on the issues of character, integrity and accountability.  His presentations range from 5 minutes to 5 hours to 5 days.  Multiple sessions are encouraged where participants can interact and discuss ideas with Rod and their peers.  Available to speak at banquets, breakfasts, retreats, seminars, chapels, church services, small groups, keynote events, corporate events, etc.  Comfortable speaking to men or women of all ages.
  • Training/Consulting: Rod is available to work with any organization, business, or church ministry in helping to train and equip people.  He will give you practical tools for implementing character, integrity and accountability into your personal life and profession.
  • Writing: Rod has composed over 20 books and is in the process of writing additional books and resources to support the ministry.  His materials have been featured in a number of publications, including the Christian Management Report. Articles are available upon request.


Rod Handley -- Founder and President 
Greg Griffin -- Vice President and TGIW Executive Director
Bill Stutz -- Dedicated Life Coaching
Steve Sheridan - Mission Wealthy Warriors
Janna Handley -- Administrative Assistant
Laura Maxwell - Editor


CTC has been blessed tremendously through a talented board of directors. We are grateful for their wisdom, expertise and love for the CTC ministry. Please pray for each of them as they give guidance and counsel, and as they lead their own families. The following people make up our Executive Board.

  • Mike & Darla DeBacker: Mike is a Principal of Transportation for Burns & McDonald. They are blessed with four children.
  • Rod & Janna Handley: Rod is the Founder and President of Character That Counts. He and Janna have four children, ages 14 year to 21 years old.
  • William & Tanya Hanna: William is a partner with Stinson Morrison Hecker and one of the original accountability partners with Rod. He and Tanya are key leaders at Colonial Presbyterian Church. They have three children.
  • Brian Holman: Brian is a former MLB player with the Montreal Expos, Seattle Mariners and Cincinnati Reds. Brian travels the nation doing public speaking and he also gives pitching lessons to aspiring baseball players.
  • Wade & Karen Jacobsma: The Jacobsma's have been a part of the Character Counts Couples Small Group with the Handley's, leading one of the couples groups for three consecutive years. Wade is an insurance adjuster with State Farm, Karen is a nurse in a pediatric's office. They have one daughter.
  • Mark & Patty McWilliams: Rod had the chance to perform their wedding ceremony many years ago. What an outstanding couple!! They have four children. Mark is the owner of United Heating & Cooling...the #1 residential heating and cooling company in the Greater Kansas City area. Patty is a former teacher and coach.
  • Dan & Cam Meers: Dan "KC Wolf" is a popular speaker in the metro area. He's in front of 200+ audiences annually as one of the key personalities for the Kansas City Chiefs. He and Cam have three children.
  • Bruce & Sheri Rehmer: Bruce and Sheri are both teachers and coaches and they have two sons. Bruce works in the Center School District and Sheri retired recently.
  • John Schafer: John is the owner of Stark Pharmacy. John and Suzie have two sons.
  • Glen Scheib: Glen is the President of Professional Accounting Services, a local CPA firm.
  • R.N. Alleman, Comcast, Denver, CO
  • Doug Anderson, Hallmark Cards, Kansas City, MO
  • Joe Calhoon, President--Priority Advantage, Kansas City, MO
  • Rev. Dan Dolquist, Senior Pastor--Denver, CO
  • Dr. Dan Erickson, Founder and President--People Matter Ministries, Lee's Summit, MO
  • Don Hilkemeier, Retired, San Antonio, TX
  • Kyle Rote, Jr., Sports Agent and Former Pro Athlete, Memphis, TN
  • Denny Rydberg, President--Young Life, Colorado Springs, CO
  • Dal Shealy, Past President--Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Jefferson City, TN
  • Mike Sweeney, Retired, 5-Time MLB All-Star, San Diego, CA
  • George Toles, President--The Toles Company, Seattle, WA
Sheridan Productions would like to thank Rod Handley and CTC for their support.

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