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Learning to see and respond correctly to life situations with keen judgment; the application of knowledge.

Devotional Thought

Read 1 Kings 3:6-28; 4:29-31.

What would you request if God appeared to you in a dream and said, "Ask for whatever you want me to give you"? That was the question He asked Solomon many years ago. Do you know what Solomon requested? He humbly asked for a discerning heart to better govern the people and to distinguish between right and wrong. God was so pleased with Solomon's unselfishness, He made him the wisest king who ever lived-and besides that, He gave him riches and honor too!

Early in his reign, King Solomon's wisdom became known throughout the world when he dealt with two women who claimed to be the mother of the same infant. Because he was so wise, he was able to distinguish the truth as to who was the real mother, and people admired him greatly. His wisdom resulted in achievements, power, international influence and wealth.

Have you ever watched an icicle form? Did you notice how the dripping water froze, one drop at a time, until the icicle was a foot long or more? If the water was clean, the icicle remained clear and sparkled brightly in the sun; but if the water was slightly muddy, the icicle looked cloudy, its beauty spoiled. Wisdom is formed just like an icicle. Each thought or feeling adds its influence. Each decision we make--both great and small--contributes its part. Everything we take into our minds and souls--impressions, experiences, images, or words--helps create wisdom.

Wisdom comes from God as a by-product of right decisions, godly reactions and the application of scriptural principles to daily circumstances. Wisdom comes from being faithful to the obscure tasks few people ever see. Wisdom comes from living a disciplined life. Wisdom comes from keeping your eyes focused on God and His Word. Psalm 90:12 says, "Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom."

Over the course of Solomon's life, he strayed from wisdom and his life began to deteriorate as he continued to compromise and do wrong. He got involved with and married foreign women who urged him to worship false gods. He died as a man who said life was "vanity and chasing after the wind" (Ecclesiastes 2:26). His story reminds us that we must continually seek the Lord in our pursuit of wisdom.