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Picture of Damion Cooper

Damion Cooper

Damion is a high energy man possessing passion and vision to "Reach the ONE." Prior to moving to Lee's Summit, Damion played collegiate soccer at Fort Hays State and played and trained professionally for Dallas Liverpool. He served as Youth Pastor at GracePointe Church in Lee's Summit from 2017-2021. He also received the 2020 Mayor's Character Award from Lee's Summit Cares for his efforts and service at Lee's Summit North High School.

Collektive Company utilizes music, speaking and teaching to influence and love people of all ages. By the way, the "k" in Collektive stands for KINGDOM. The Collektive Company message starts with Damion's heart after God to collektively see God's Kingdom come and His will to be done. Individually, God has given us each unique gifts, talents and stories. In order to be effective with those gifts and talents, we must work collektively as one body in Christ. "Reaching the ONE" is Jesus' heart. It has never been for the religious or the people inside the four walls of the church. Jesus leaves the 99 to go after the ONE. Collektive Company's heart is to reach ONE's across the world both locally and globally. It's mission is to see influence and transformation in the lives of God's people.

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The vision is to REACH THE ONE, but the extent of this reach is astronomical. Damion’s vision is to reach 1,000,000,000 (yes, one billion) ONE’s fulfilling God’s purpose through love, risk and cultural relativity. It exists to inspire the next generation, to transform leaders and businesses, and advance God’s Kingdom.

The values of Collektive Company include approachability (no one is untouchable), love, humility, belief (a child-like faith), brotherhood/family, serving and embracing diversity and differences (multi-cultural), a passion to champion God’s will and a hunger for God’s presence.

There are four primary objectives:
1) To build a strong relationship with schools across the nation and world, by establishing and creating positive environments. This is done through GETAWAY PARTIES with live music, games and activities which creates space for students to be themselves. Every event includes an inspirational message. Further, Damion has produced a curriculum called “Cultivate” to equip students to be servant leaders, and connect them on a deeper level to school administration, faculty, staff, teachers and coaches. These character coaching opportunities help students reach their full potential. Secondly, he has created a group called "SPUR" where the administrators, faculty/staff, teachers and coaches are able to grow and learn to serve and relate to their student body. SPUR tackles social issues and serves alongside their mission.
2) To engage and reach the one through social media platforms, creativity and Gospel-centered messaging. This includes Tik-Tok platform and storytelling and Insta/FB Live.
3) To captivate and inspire the next generation through the experience of music and art in shows which embrace cultural relativity. These 25-45 minute shows are interactive and include upbeat culture music, worship, rap, spoken word and dance. This type of storytelling allows audiences to see and experience the full glory of God.
4) To equip and encourage leaders to love God, be risk takers, and live out the Gospel in their own world, beyond the world and in the world. Workshops and seminars help bring racial reconciliation in their workplaces, ministries and communities.

Damion’s vision is culturally relevant and extremely ambitious. If we are going to reach the next generation with our “character, integrity and accountability” message, we need to assist Damion anyway possible. Character that Counts wants to help provide jet fuel and launch Damion and a growing staff and volunteers, into advancing the Kingdom of God. What I have shared here is a very condensed version of a longer 7-page document which Damion has prepared. If you want to hear more, reach out to Damion at: damioncooper3@gmail.com or call/text him at 785-342-0008.

Will you join us in reaching the next generation through Collektive Company? If so, we need your prayers and your financial help. Remember, with God nothing is impossible.

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