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Tim Truesdale

Tim Truesdale grew up as a Missionary Kid. But after returning to the US as a College Student, he chose to dedicate his life to pursuing the "American Dream". After experiencing a Spiritual Bankruptcy, he lost his 1st wife and 2 young children. Tim got to experience the God of 2nd chances, and received another opportunity in marriage, parenting, and was even called into ministry. Along with Michelle, he has been blessed with a beautiful blended family of 4. Tim loves talking about God's overwhelming and surprising grace, even in the midst of challenging situations.

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• Focus on Missionary Kids with college who are having difficulty engaging with the adult world in the USA, and whose parents are out of the country.
• Remote weekly meeting with group of up to 6 MK's in their 20's and 30's to minister with them.
• Daily participation in 2 different online groups of MK's in 20's through 60's who are continuing to work through transitions.
• One-on-one weekly meetings with 2-3 MK's for ministry.
• Attended remote 3-day Weekend Conference for MK's in OCT
• Working with a team of MK's to develop framework for an Intern Program that helps MK's with college to transition into USA life outside of ministry world as adults: working title is YBAM.

• The annual Veteran's Day Celebration was my father's "legacy ministry project".
• He told me it was one of the 2 things he started that he felt most passionate about being able to continue.
• Unfortunately, the event was unable to be held in 2020 due to COVID.
• Tim has been in touch with Bill Manginelli, who headed up this event for the past 7 years.
• Bill is passing along the leadership of this event, and Tim will be in a key role.
• We are rolling out a model that creates more opportunities for different churches to have a role.

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